CSX wants to contribute to a better, cleaner and more sustainable world for future generations.


CSX aims to be one of the European marketleaders on extruding bioplastics films and sheets within 5 years. The Circular Economy will act as a starting point and CSX wants to offer the best possible working environment for it’s employees and stakeholders.

Customised Sheet Xtrusion

“What sustainability means to me, is simply to leave this planet in a better shape for future generations.”

Erik Jansen

Customised Sheet Xtrusion - a KΞΞN Company

Circulaire economie bij Customised Sheet Xtrusion

Circular Economy

The Circular Economy , also referred to as Closed Loop Economy gets more and more in the spotlight. What meant is, is an economic and industrial system in which all resources are kept in an infinite loop.


CSX  aims to become one of the European marketleaders in plastic film and sheet materials  The production methods used orginate – as much as possible – in CleanTech processtechnologies.