Extrusion laminiation

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Extrusion lamination

Extrusion Lamination brings two or more layers of different material compounds together. Special inhouse developed techniques are used to combine (natural)webbings or (natural) non-woven fabrics with a matrix of (bio)plastic compounds. The (natural )fabric or nonwoven acts as a mechanical reinforcement for the (bio)plastic compound.

Bewerkingen Customised Sheet Xtrusion - CSX Nijverdal


By implementation of the principle of a Circular Economy, CSX wants to become one of the leaders in Europe in developing plastic sheet materials and film.

Duurzaam Customised Sheet Xtrusion - CSX Nijverdal


CSX is not only considering existing generations, but also future generations. Due to their environmentally friendly production process CSX is aiming to produce to state of the art sustainable standards and beyond.

Bewerkingen Customised Sheet Xtrusion - CSX Nijverdal


Environmentally friendly production processes are at the forefront of CSX. CSX strives for a system in which raw materials are fully re-deployed in a Circular Loop system.