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Biobased plastics

Plastics Customised Sheet Xtrusion - CSX Nijverdal
Biobased Customised Sheet Xtrusion - CSX Nijverdal

Materials from renewable raw materials

Biobased materials are meant to be (partially) made from renewable raw materials (biomass) such as starch, sugar, lactic acid, proteins or micro-organisms. However, it does not say anything about the end-of-life of this type of plastic i.e. BioBased Plastics can be compostable as well as non-compostable; consist of fossil and non-fossil components and do not necessarily have to be environmentally friendly.

This somewhat confusing definition can therefore include both plastics that already exist in the fossil variant (e.g. Bio based PE, PP), as well as what are called the “real” bio plastics (e.g. bio based, Compostable PLA, PHA and TPS).

CSX is also of the opinion that bio-based, non-toxic, plastics with a 100% renewable share are preferable to mostly mileubelastende hybrid material compositions.